Open house demonstrating tradition and innovation

Having moved into its new 12,000m2 production facility (pictured) in Löhne, Germany at the beginning of this year, Koenig & Bauer Kammann GmbH is currently presenting its latest developments and machines to a wider audience. Originally, of course, these announcements were scheduled to take place during the glasstec 2020 exhibition in October, an event that has been postponed until next June.

Open house demonstrating tradition and innovation

Instead, to give interested customers the possibility to become fully informed about its latest machines and the innovative features conceived for existing equipment, Kammann started its ‘open house’ on 5 October, running until 6 November 2020. “This open house event is planned for an extended time period, since we want to observe health regulations, which allow only a limited number of people at any given time in our show rooms” explains Managing Director Matthias Graf. “Also, with a reduced international flight schedule currently available, our customers might not have the possibility to visit us within a shorter time period” Mr Graf adds.

The centre of attention and highlight of the presentation is the recently announced HS300 series and the latest version of the Kammann digital printer series.

Setting the benchmark

The HS300 is a highly specialised machine for cylindrical glass containers, such as beer and soft drinks bottles. With a design speed of 300ppm, it is up to 50% faster than other machines in the market and sets a benchmark in the industry. However, besides the output, the HS300 has some special features, including a contactless pre-registration and print image inspection system. Designed as a continuous motion machine, it is intended to operate 24/7, both in-line and off-line. 

According to the company, the productivity of this machine is a quantum leap forward, which is extremely important in such a competitive high volume market. At the same time, Kammann was able to objectively improve the print quality, for which the colour to colour registration is an important indicator. The Kammann team has engineered the machine to be installed in-line with glass manufacturing, so it is capable of withstanding high temperatures and other harsh conditions.

A completely different market segment is covered by Kammann’s line of digital printers. Designed to apply high resolution images that cannot be reproduced by the screen printing process, on any shape articles, such as rounds, ovals, flats and any other given form, the Kammann digital series has become the best selling machine in this area. 

Products, such as spirits bottles, drink ware and cosmetic flacons are all suitable to be decorated by this process. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that printing multiple passes of clear digital ink can imitate embossed glass, which makes the need for new moulds redundant, especially when it comes to small production runs.

Further Information: 

Koenig & Bauer Kammann GmbH, Löhne, Germany

tel: +49 5744 7710-0



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