Copy Requirements

Print Advertisement Sizes Wide (mm) Deep (mm) finished size.

Double page spread - Bleed **
Double page spread – Border
Full page A4 - Bleed*
Full page A4 – Border
Half page horizontal - Bleed*
Half page horizontal - Border
Third page vertical - Bleed*
Third page horizontal – Bleed*
Half page vertical - Bleed*
Half page vertical - Border
Quarter Page – Border
Half Island - Border

- 420 x 297
- 400 x 277
- 210 x 297
- 190 x 277
- 210 x 146
- 190 x 128.5
- 70 x 297
- 210 x 97
- 104 x 297
- 87 x 277
- 87 x 128.5
- 127 x 180

Preferred material is press ready pdf files exported as PDF/X - 1a files PDFs should be supplied with trim and bleed marks (when applicable ) and sent by e - mail or web transfer to


All fonts must be embedded in the pdf using the PDF/X - 1a export setting.


All photos and pictures should be supplied as CMYK , JPEG or TIFF at a minimum resolution of 300dpi at actual size. Logos should be supplied Illustrator EPS files. All must be embedded in the PDF as above.


Text Only, Rich Text Format, or a Microsoft Word.


Adobe Acrobat pdf as above. Adobe InDesign (legac y files), Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop files may be accepted but PDF is the preferred format. If supplying any of these formats, please embed images and convert text to outlines.

Website Banners

1. Third party advertiser code cannot be embedded in the site.​

​2. Banners must be supplied as graphic images in either of the following sizes: ​

Primary Slideshow Banner (home page only, NB Animated gifs NOT recommended for this position): 350px X 350px​

Secondary Banner (home page only): 350px X 350px​

Article Banner (opposite content in specified locations throughout the site): 200px X 200px​


​3. Filetypes accepted: jpg, jpeg, png, gif​

​4. URL all banners must be supplied with a suitable URL link to the advertisers website.​

​5. Statistics will be collected via Google Analytics, please note that due to the constraints of the GDPR the collection of data may not be 100%.​

We do recommend therefore that advertisers where possible supply a bespoke link for the GW site in order to assist them in identifying traffic supplied by the Glass Worldwide website​