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Why advertise in Glass Worldwide?

Whether your target market is domestic, regional or wholly international, if you are a supplier of technology, machinery, raw materials or services then advertising in Glass Worldwide and the Who’s Who / Annual Review yearbook will ensure that your sales message is presented to existing and potential customers around the world.

In a 2020 survey, leading suppliers of technology and services that promote their companies in glass magazines and at exhibitions were asked which magazine they need to be present in…

With over 100 leading suppliers responding from 15 different countries across Asia, Europe and North America, 85% selected Glass Worldwide as their preferred magazine to best reach their existing and potential customers…

And in the last readership survey, 78% of manufacturers of hollow, flat and speciality glass confirmed they use advertising and editorial from Glass Worldwide and the Who’s Who / Annual Review yearbook to influence their selection of products and services.

Target readership

The broad content of Glass Worldwide makes every issue required reading in the following sectors:

  • Packaging (bottles and jars)
  • Flat glass (float, sheet, rolled and figured)
  • Solar glass (crystalline and thin-film applications)
  • Domestic glassware (machine and hand-made)
  • Glassfibre (continuous strand and insulation)
  • Illuminating glassware (lightbulbs, fluorescent tubes)
  • Industrial, scientific and technical glasses (eg rod and tubing)
  • Laboratory, medical and surgical glassware
  • Optical and ophthalmic glassware
  • Television glassware

The readership is carefully targeted at senior personnel with purchasing influence, including: Plant Managers and Directors, Production Managers and Supervisors, Managing Directors, General Managers, Purchasing Managers and Directors, Owners, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Operations Directors, Chief Executives, Technical Managers and Directors, Chief Engineers, Import & Export Managers, Research & Development officers, Marketing Managers and Sales Managers.

Copies are also circulated to departmental managers and engineers who benefit from Glass Worldwide's practical solutions to the everyday issues they face, including: Forming Managers, Energy Managers, Hot-End Managers, Furnace Managers, Maintenance Managers, Quality Managers, Process Managers, Decoration Managers, Processing Managers, Batch Managers, Utility Managers, Mix & Melt Managers and Cold-End Managers.

Geographical coverage

Whether your target market is domestic, regional or wholly international, our global network of editorial correspondents and close co-operations with key trade associations around the world ensures that each edition of Glass Worldwide is essential reading throughout:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • The Middle East
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • Africa
  • Australasia

As well as reaching established and traditional markets, a special emphasis is put on growing regions where particularly high investment is forecast or currently taking place. Alongside the English written pages, foreign language supplements are also published annually to cater for rapidly expanding sectors such as China and Russia.

Target advertisers and list of industry types

Traditional advertising and sponsorship methods, combined with innovative new ideas and opportunities ensure that Glass Worldwide can provide you with a customised package aimed at achieving maximum exposure. If you can supply any of the following products and services then you will have a need to reach the readers of Glass Worldwide:

  • Melting equipment, maintenance and technology
  • Combustion equipment
  • Refining and Conditioning equipment and technology
  • Gas supplier
  • Refractory materials and technology
  • Decoration equipment and materials, including screen-printing
  • Raw Materials
  • Batching equipment, including preparation and handling of raw materials
  • Recycling technology and equipment
  • Forming equipment and technology, including moulds and plungers
  • Coating equipment and technology
  • Hot End Handling
  • Lubrication
  • Quality Control and Inspection
  • Control and Monitoring, including process control
  • Cold End Handling and Packaging
  • Heat Treatment, including annealing, tempering and toughening equipment
  • Consultancy and services, including analysis, problem-solving and studies
  • Processing equipment
  • Laminating equipment and technology
  • Plant Utilities and services including power and compressed air
  • Plant Construction/Turnkey, including design and engineering
  • Environmental Protection