AGC publishes integrated report

AGC Inc has released the Japanese version of its ‘AGC Integrated Report 2019’, with an English language version scheduled for release at the end of June.

In addition to financial information such as the AGC Group’s financial performance, growth strategies and the initiatives and outlooks for each of its businesses, this report also covers 'non-financial' information such as the company's efforts to respond to challenges in the areas of environment, society and governance.

The main purpose of this year's integrated report is to promote understanding of the AGC Group's ‘Value Creation Model’ from various perspectives. Since its founding, the AGC Group has maintained a commitment to providing the products needed by society, while anticipating upcoming changes in society and the times.

Through its CEO message, examples of company contributions, details of AGC's strengths and other content, this report introduces detailed information on how these products are being used in efforts to respond to challenges faced by society and on the value that they provide.


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