Batch plant upgrade in Chile

Batch plant upgrade in Chile

Following a capacity increase of one furnace at Verallia in Chile, it was necessary to upgrade the batch plant, a project that EME has successfully completed in recent weeks. The identification of bottle necks resulting in extended cycle times and the creation of solutions to reduce them was a key aspect of the project.

An extensive audit to determine the best opportunities for the upgrade and modernisation of the existing batch plant resulted, notably in the exchange of several dosage devices in order to achieve the desired capacity, as well as optimisation of weighing accuracy, installation of additional precision scales for the weighing of extra raw materials, bigger mixers, installation of new batch transport systems and an extension of the existing cullet return system.

The implementation of these measures was realised under running conditions and full operation of one furnace. As a consequence, it was necessary to guarantee uninterrupted batch delivery at all times during the upgrade.


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