Bottle development for kombucha craft beverage

Ardagh Group, Glass – North America has partnered with Mountain Culture Kombucha to introduce a 12oz glass bottle design that features a convenient, twist-off cap. In the non-alcoholic craft beverage world, easily resealable 12oz clear bottles are the most popular. In an effort to differentiate its products, Mountain Culture Kombucha chose to package its product in a 12oz amber glass bottle that would offer UV protection for the live organisms within the kombucha.

“Connecting with Ardagh Group and their willingness to produce the exact bottle we have been searching for during the better part of a decade has been a game changer for us” Peter Roderick, owner of Mountain Culture Kombucha confirmed. “From initial conversations, all the way through delivery of the final product, we have never had a better experience working with a new supplier.”

Nearly 33% of new beverage launches tracked by Mintel GNPD in 2017-2018 featured new packaging, focusing on a more streamlined look using bold graphics, simplified information and prominent visual components. According to Mintel’s Beverage Packaging Trends 2019 report, glass bottles are still widely used and stand out for their strong association with more premium offerings. Furthermore, approximately one in five US beverage consumers say they have paid more for a beverage product because they liked the packaging format (eg material) (20%) and the packaging design (eg artwork) (17%).


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