Changes to board of directors

Following the sale by Horizon Investment Holdings of approximately 10% of its stake in Verallia to Brasil Warrant Administração de Bens e Empresas SA, Verallia’s Board of

Directors confirms that Claudia Scarico had resigned as a member of the Board of Directors and its Audit Committee.

The Board of Directors has decided the co-option of BW Gestão de Investimentos Ltda, represented by João Salles, to replace Claudia Scarico. BWGI’s mandate will expire at the end of a general shareholders’ meeting to be called in 2023 to approve the financial statements of the financial year ending 31 December 2022.

The board also acknowledged João Salles’ replacement by Marcia Freitas as permanent representative of BWSA, already a member of the Board of Directors. BWGI, represented by João Salles, will replace BWSA as member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee while BWSA, represented by Marcia Freitas, will replace Claudia Scarico as a member of the Audit Committee.


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