Covid-19: European glass container industry outlines position

Covid-19: European glass container industry outlines position

In the context of the escalating Coronavirus pandemic, the European Container Glass Federation, FEVE, has issued a position statement, emphasising the importance of glass packaging in the supply chain for such critical sectors as food, beverages and pharmaceutical goods. As such, government authorities are urged to consider container glass manufacture as a critical sector as well.

Key extracts from the FEVE statement are reported below:

“The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic requires the implementation of strong measures to delink the chains of Sars-CoV 2 transmission across society. This is currently resulting in a dramatic slowdown or shutdown of trade and industry activities.

“European container glass manufacturers are following the WHO guidelines and national authorities’ response plans closely to reduce the further spread of Covid-19, while continuing to guarantee the effective and efficient supply of glass containers to food and beverage, medical and other essential goods’ supply chains locally and across borders. The European container glass industry has undertaken immediate and equally strong measures to guarantee the health and safety of the workforce in glass manufacturing plants, as well as continuity of supply of container glass to critical sectors such as food, beverage or pharmaceutical.

“The European container glass industry is asking the relevant authorities for support in recognising the critical role of the industry and supporting manufacturing continuity across container glass manufacturing plants – all with the objective to supply people with food, beverages and pharmaceutical goods at this critical time.

“In case of any shutdown of container glass facilities, the food and drink value chain will face direct and imminent disruptions, which will result in inabilities to supply food and beverages of primary necessity to retail and consumers. The same problem applies to the pharmaceutical sector. With regards to the required supervision and the need to supply container glass into the critical supply chains, the glass industry needs its employees to continue to work in its factories and its suppliers’ operations. A classification of the container glass sector and its supply chain as a critical/essential industry is considered vital, therefore. In addition, the children of employees must have access to childcare.”


The full transcript of the FEVE statement can be found at the association’s website.


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