Finnish acquisition supports integrated solution goals

Germany’s HEGLA Group has acquired a 51% shareholding in TaiFin Glass Machinery Oy, the tempering furnace manufacturer based in Nokia, Finland. The company will conduct its future business under the name HEGLA-TAIFIN Oy.

“We are pleased to have found a young, dynamic and innovative partner company in TaiFin, who is already established as a leader in the automotive and architectural glass tempering furnace segment with its high quality safety glass furnaces and press bending technology” commented Jochen H Hesselbach, CEO of the HEGLA Group.

Bernhard Hötger, COO of the HEGLA Group, is looking forward to his partnership with the team at TaiFin and reports that many of HEGLA’s customers have asked the company to provide integrated solutions and optimised logistics for smart glass placement on furnace racks as part of their projects. In conjunction with the marking options provided by HEGLA-boraident GmbH and the software solutions of HEGLA-HANIC, HEGLA aspires to provide customers in the future with optimised, fully integrated production processes and shop floor logistics that have been tailored to suit their needs. This will give customers the opportunity to generate more value thanks to optimised production processes.

The requirements of future markets in both the automotive and construction glass sectors will be increasingly varied in terms of glass thickness and the safety, transparency, digitalisation, workability and finishing of coated and technically high quality glass. This is why, for HEGLA management, the next logical step was to continue to expand the group’s product range and pool additional knowledge and knowhow within the group to the advantage of the company’s customers, Jochen Hesselbach explained. “HEGLA-TAIFIN is an important step towards the HEGLA Group becoming a single source for machinery and service for the (flat) glass manufacturing and finishing industry.”


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