Flaming Beautiful!

Flaming Beautiful!

The flame pictured was produced in the furnace of Pilkington UK (part of NSG Group) in St Helens. The temperature required to manufacture flat glass at this plant is excessive and the drive to reduce CO2 in the glass making process is paramount to Pilkington. The Renewable Energy and Engineering Teams at Pilkington were delighted with the performance of Argent Energy’s B100 Biodiesel in the successful trial of circa 500 tonne of biodiesel made from wastes.

Among other activities, Pilkington UK are working to reduce fossil fuel usage in manufacturing, adding renewable generation and helping designers and consumers learn how to use glass products to reduce carbon usage in building, vehicles, and other applications.

Argent Energy, a manufacturer of biofuels in the UK and the Netherlands, is expanding its second-generation biodiesel production capacity in the Port of Amsterdam to 540,000 tons/year. With this expansion, the company wants to make a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in transport. Argent’s expansion in Amsterdam is in line with the Dutch coalition agreement’s plans for clean mobility and the promotion of biofuels that avoid impacting food supplies.


Image: Argent Energy biofuel making heat for Pilkington UK.


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