Furnace Solutions and training day plans

Furnace Solutions and training day plans

Society of Glass Technology President, Stuart Hakes (illustrated with fellow speakers at a previous Furnace Solutions event) has confirmed that this year’s Furnace Solutions meeting and associated training day will be held on 3-4 June 2020 in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Confirmed speakers include Hans Marenholtz from Glass Service in the Czech Republic, with a presentation entitled ‘A different approach to furnace audits’, Alan Stevens of Fives will discuss ‘Forehearth audits – Is glass conditioning equipment at its best?’ and Lucideon’s Jan Du Plessis Theron will address ‘The challenges of tin bath blocks in the float process and how to test them’.

Pauline Darbouret from Ferro France will talk about ‘Forehearth colour technology, today’s performance needs and new challenges of tomorrow’, while Lieke De Cock from CelSian Glass & Solar will address ‘The application of glass sensors in the glass industry’.

A presentation from Rob Ireson of Glass Futures will cover ‘Alternative low carbon fuel technologies for glass manufacturing’ and a paper is expected from Mathias Hagen of Luft-und Thermotchnik Bayreuth GmbH. This presentation will look at NOx, in particular its sources in glass production, current and future limits, the possibilities to reduce NOx, concepts and advantages considering other pollutants and storage areas for reactant impacts on planning permission.

A presentation from PaneraTech’s Fred Aker on reliable manufacturing will introduce a furnace health platform that captures audit data from multiple sources and ongoing risks. And Dominic Oates of Saveway GmbH will discuss real-time monitoring of refractory lining status in glass melting tanks.



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