Glass connects with eco-conscious millennials

When it comes to packaging for beauty, fragrance and medical products, three in four European millennials would opt for products in glass over any other packaging material, according to an independent consumer research survey commissioned by FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation. Crucially, glass is seen as the best packaging material by 77% of the 2030 consumers surveyed – coming out ahead of plastic/polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and metal across five European markets. This strong support for glass can be attributed to its environmental credentials, its ability to preserve both quality and scent of the contents and its premium feel.

These findings were released as ADF&PCD Paris launched its annual industry show dedicated to innovation in the perfume and cosmetic packaging community.

“These results show that there is a genuine appetite among sustainability-conscious consumers for more beauty products packaged in glass” commented Michael Delle Selve, Senior Communications Manager at FEVE. “With younger consumers drawn to glass for both its premium feel and its sustainability credentials, glass packaging could be the key to connecting with millennials. It’s time for brands to take notice and react by increasing their offerings in glass packaging.”