Glass Futures welcomes Stoelzle Glass Group as members

International glass producer Stoelzle Glass Group has joined the Glass Futures membership to further its ambitions to create sustainable low carbon glass products by developing technology and improving processes across manufacturing and the supply chain.

Stoelzle has six production sites in Austria, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic and Poland and three decoration sites in Great Britain, France and Poland.

The company is Europe’s only manufacturer of packaging glass aimed at pharma, perfumery and cosmetics, spirits, consumer food and tableware markets.

They are aware of the energy-intensive nature of glass production and strive in all processes and technologies to balance this impact with constant investments and improvements.

Given the extensive in-house engineering experience of Stoelzle, Glass Futures are looking forward to working closely with them over the coming years to design the St Helens capability and experimental programmes that will pilot ground-breaking new technologies for the industry.

Image: Stoelzle Glass Group Knottingley, UK


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