GTS invests to meet growing demand

Independent UK glass research, analysis and testing specialist Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) has invested over £500,000 to meet increasing demand across the glass supply chain. The programme has seen investments in plant, equipment, systems, people and training in order to remain at the forefront of glass research, analysis, testing and consultancy for their growing client base.

“Over the past year, we’ve expanded our consultancy division, increased capacity for routine analytical services, replaced and supplemented core laboratory equipment and extended capabilities through strategic investments” explained Philip Marsh, Business Development Manager. “Existing clients will have noticed our administrative, customer care and financial systems have been a focus – we’ve streamlined processes, improved communication and enhanced the customer experience, while also giving our own staff better access to information and improving internal systems.

“At the centre of all these changes and investments are our people – a programme of academic, vocational and on-the-job training at all levels of the organisation has been undertaken to ensure that our teams maintain their professional development, extend their knowledge and can continue to be the very best at what they do.”

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