Latest batch charger order

Latest batch charger order

After 15 successful EME NEND batch charger installations at Wiegand-Glas locations in Germany (Steinbach am Wald, Ernstthal, Grossbreitenbach and Schleusingen), the glass container producer’s Ernstthal plant has again placed trust in the equipment’s performance and reliability with another order.

For many years, Wiegand-Glas has been using the complete range of different versions of the EME-NEND charger (and the EME-NEND-S charger) with transport screws. Similarly, the latest generation of the EME-NEND family - the EME-NEND-R with vibratory feeder - has been successfully operated for more than a year at the Grossbreitenbach site.

According to EME, there is no uncontrolled entry of false air into the furnace, together with the benefits of reduced NOx emissions, reduced energy consumption, less heat losses as well as less dust formation based on the sealed doghouse.

Thanks to the individual adjustment possibilities of the screws and pusher, both the batch charging pattern and batch distribution in the furnace are perfectly matched and optimised for the melting process.


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