On-line glass knowledge centre

Guardian Glass has launched a digital version of its GlassTime handbook, a valuable tool for architects, glass processors and cladders to learn about glass and how to build with it.

As a glass technical manual and encyclopedia, GlassTime is described as the ultimate online glass reference guide for the glass community. Previously only available in printed format, the digital version is interactive, easier to navigate and contains information that can be updated as needed. The content is developed by Guardian Glass experts using feedback from customers and other glass influencers.

The handbook is valuable for all levels of glass expertise and includes understanding the properties and benefits of glass types, its use and how it is made. There is also information on glass standards, as well as recommendations for glass processing and its application in a building or home.

Each page of the online handbook can be printed, saved as a PDF file or shared with colleagues via email. Users can access the relevant Guardian Glass product pages, perform keyword searches and access useful online calculation tools such as the ‘Glass Analytics’. If users need to request a product sample, require technical support, or need specific project advice, this is just a couple of clicks away.


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