Long-term relationship reinforced with leading Russian glassworks

It was in 2005 that Russian glass packaging specialist ‘LLC Glass Factory January 9’ acquired its first Evolution 12 machine from IRIS Inspection machines. In the subsequent 14 years, a strong relationship has developed between the two companies, with eight camera-based cold end inspection machines having been installed at the Vyshniy Volochek glassworks, located between Moscow and Leningrad. This includes both Evolution 12 and Evolution 5 systems for sidewall/sidewall stress and base/finish/base stress inspection respectively.

Recently, the decision was taken to modernise this equipment. The hardware and software for all eight machines has been upgraded and converted to the latest Evolution NEO technology, making it capable of operating as smart inspection equipment.

The Evolution NEO’s ability to discriminate intelligently between saleable and non-saleable containers has been widely appreciated by customers, together with its simplified adjustment procedures and reproducibility features. In addition, glassmakers benefit from the equipment’s Industry 4.0 readiness, with the availability of intelligent data for process improvements. The equipment allows operators to follow defect rejection rates, while also bringing their immediate attention to the most significant information analysed by the machine. In addition, within its statistical tools, Evolution NEO integrates a helpful set of different data, including time, mould number, images etc.

‘LLC Glass Factory January 9’, has built up considerable experience in the design, development and manufacture of high quality bottles and jars for the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage and food sectors. Based at Vyshniy Volochek in Russia’s Tver region, the flint ware specialist operates advanced manufacturing technologies that have been sourced from some of Europe’s leading suppliers.


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