Measured support for Europe’s climate neutrality goals

Glass for Europe has confirmed its support for the EU objective to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

According to the representative body for Europe’s flat glass value chain, however, becoming the first climate-neutral continent will require an extraordinary transformation of the European economy, complemented by ambitious legislative targets to support the transition.

A recent Glass for Europe statement suggests that EU action should focus on supporting the reduction of emissions in the sectors where solutions are available and implementable in a short timeline, like in the building and transport sectors. “A review of the directive on the energy performance of buildings to scale-up efficiency of renovation and an ambitious renovation wave will be instrumental to cut emissions in the most polluting sector of our economy” the statement says.

In parallel, the European Union should put in place the right enabling framework to allow hard-to-abate sectors such as the flat glass manufacturing industry, to reduce their emissions and achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.


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