Neighbours Sibelco and CelSian join forces

Neighbours Sibelco and CelSian join forces

Combining their expertise on raw materials and glass melting processes, material supplier Sibelco and technology company CelSian have agreed to share laboratory functions and work on joint research to improve services to their customers

The fact that Sibelco’s major laboratory is only 30 minutes’ drive from CelSian’s laboratory is very practical and will make working together on a regular and frequent basis possible” said Harmen Kielstra, Managing Director of CelSian. “Our collaboration with Sibelco will enhance new insights and solutions for our customers.

Our relationship with CelSian dates back a number of years and we are delighted to bring our cooperation to another level” added Ilse Kenis, Sibelco’s EVP, Glass and Performance Materials. “Through this partnership we aim to offer enhanced support to customers in the glass industry seeking innovative solutions to the challenges they face, such as reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions and improving production efficiency. /


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