NSG Group’s value-added strategic vision for the future

Organised around the NSG Group’s long-term strategic vision of ‘transforming into a value-added glass company’ by offering VA products and services based on proprietary technologies, the group’s 2019 integrated report provides shareholders and other key stakeholders with a view of the group’s initiatives, aimed at creating corporate value and contributing to the resolution of social challenges.

NSG Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the architectural, automotive and technical glass sectors. With approximately 27,000 employees, the group has principal operations worldwide and sales in over 100 countries.

Contents of the 2019 integrated report include: The value creation story, describing the value creation process and progress on key measures; Value creation strategies, with messages from the CEO and CFO, a business overview and a description of foundations supporting the corporate value; Corporate governance; and sustainability.

The report can be downloaded from www.nsg.com/en/sustainability/reporting/integrated-reports


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