O-I Glass 2021 Sustainability Report

O-I Glass 2021 Sustainability Report

The O-I Glass 2021 Sustainability Report examines the vision, innovation and transformation behind the challenge to be the chosen supplier of brand building packaging solutions.

The report highlights the refresh of O-I’s business strategy, elevating sustainability within the company.

While we believe glass packaging is already the most sustainable packaging solution, sustainability at O-I is about more than what we make. It is also about how we make it,” said Andres Lopez, Chief Executive Officer for O-I. “We enhanced matters, from our approach to governance and management of sustainability to the number of initiatives and quantitative goals. We are excited to share our elevated ambitions and what they mean for O-I and its stakeholders.”

In 2020, O-I introduced structural enhancements to deepen and accelerate sustainability progress, including the appointment of its first Chief Sustainability Officer, to create an integrated approach around shared goals and collaborative changes in the company.

Among the new sustainability goals for O-I, recycled content, water reduction, renewable energy and zero waste have been added to the ambitious and aspirational goals to achieve by 2030.

This report highlights the transformational aspects of our business, providing a holistic view of how O-I and glass packaging will play a role in the sustainable future we all seek,” said Randy Burns, Chief Sustainability Officer for O-I. “O-I’s vision and journey for this sustainable future is not a blue-sky vision. It is here, today.”

The sustainability report provides insight into the ways that O-I is reimagining and reinventing the business model for glass packaging, working toward a future where the circularity of glass meets industry-changing technology that will disrupt how glass is made and sold.


Image: Andres Lopez, O-I Chief Executive Officer


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