Scottish deposit return scheme concerns raised

British Glass has issued an open letter to the UK Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Roseanna Cunningham, addressing concerns about the inclusion of glass in the proposed Scottish deposit return scheme.

The representative body for the UK glass industry does not believe that including glass in the DRS will achieve the environmental goals set out by the Scottish Government. Furthermore, it emphasises that including glass will be more costly and inconvenient for both consumers and the wider supply chain. “The alternative will address the current climate emergency and move towards a circular economy, while also being simpler, more cost-effective and convenient for consumers” the letter maintains.

Supporters of the letter include experts from across the whole glass supply chain such as the Chartered Institute for Waste Management, the Scottish Environmental Services Association, the British Soft Drinks Association, the Scottish Beer and Pub Association, Scottish Retail Consortium, UK Hospitality Scotland and the Scottish Wholesale Association


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