Scottish DRS scheme to go ahead

Scottish DRS scheme to go ahead

Following the Scottish Parliament’s recent approval of Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) regulations, British Glass has repeated its call for an alternative Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) model that would increase glass recycling rates, be more cost-effective and offer double the CO2 savings. 

We were not alone in asking the Scottish Government to delay the DRS regulations until the impact of Covid-19 is known” commented Dave Dalton (illustrated), British Glass CEO. “Many businesses, including those part of our industry and supply chain are not in the position to face the additional burden the scheme will place on them.

Although we do not believe a DRS is the right solution for glass recycling, we will work with the Scottish Government and the scheme administrator to minimise the damage to the Scottish glass industry and to ensure the highest possible recycling rates to provide the vital quality and quantity of cullet needed for our glass manufacturers.


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