Sisecam float furnace rebuilt in Bulgaria

Sisecam has completed a 42 million Euros furnace rebuild at the group’s Targovishte float plant in Bulgaria. Europe’s largest flat glass producer, Sisecam operates two float lines in the country, plus extensive capabilities to make coated, laminated and silvered glass, as well as specialist facilities for the manufacture of automotive and domestic appliance materials. In addition, two furnaces are operated in Bulgaria to make household glassware.

“We will continue our investments in modernisation and capacity increases at our Bulgarian manufacturing facilities” Sisecam Group Vice Chairman and CEO Professor Ahmet Kirman confirmed. “In addition to these investments, we contribute to the Bulgarian economy with the employment of about 3250 people as a result of our operations and aim to increase the labour force with new projects.”

The group’s investments in Bulgaria have reached 600 million Euros in total to date.


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