Sisecam recognises star employees

Employees from 13 countries and three continents proposed an impressive 158 different projects for this year’s ‘Sisecam Stars Parade’ awards. Proposals covered such disciplines as production, energy efficiency, quality, innovation and technology. Of these, 28 projects were recognised, while 13 employees received special awards. In addition, nine production facilities were recognised in the ‘occupational health and safety’ category.

“Our digital transformation journey includes not only our processes but also the solutions and products that we offer to the market” commented Sisecam Group Vice Chairman and CEO Professor Ahmet Kırman. “For maintaining the continuous growth of Sisecam Group, we need to continue developing solution-oriented, cost saving and sustainable new projects and carry on with our operations with a solution-oriented approach.

“We manage the digitalisation process, which will open up innovations by making use of the technology in our way of doing business, in the best possible way. In line with our target to grow with the added-value products, we aim at further improving our R&D capabilities and placing the products satisfying customer expectations at an optimum level on market faster. We will continue to achieve our goals with persistence, commitment and determination and create value for all of our stakeholders to carry Sisecam forward into the future” Professor Kirman added.


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