Smart glazing reduces energy costs

Saint-Gobain’s manufacturer of smart dynamic glass, SageGlass has released the results of an energy study conducted in partnership with SCHEELS, a sporting goods and entertainment chain, with 27 stores in 12 US states. The study compared electricity usage at two SCHEELS locations and found that the store featuring SageGlass, in addition to enhanced building automation HVAC controls, better insulation and LED lighting, benefitted from a 73% reduction in electricity consumption. This reduction resulted in $487,193 of energy cost savings in the store’s first year of operation.

In 2017, approximately 24,500ft2 of SageGlass was installed in large roof skylights and the grand entrance of the SCHEELS superstore in Johnstown, Colorado. SCHEELS turned to SageGlass’ smart glazing system to solve heat and glare issues that had impacted other locations with similar design features. By using smart glass – which tints automatically in response to outdoor conditions, preventing heat gain and glare – SCHEELS was also able to provide a comfortable customer experience, with unobstructed views of the outdoors


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