Tableware investment completed in Turkey

Specialist soda lime glassware producer Akcam Cam Plastik Insaat San has recently commissioned a Falorni Tech melting furnace and plant expansion at the factory’s Pendik plant near Istanbul.

Akcam has worked closely with the Italian contractor for more than two decades, the latest project involving the supply of a medium size recuperative furnace, including the supply of steelwork and refractory assembly for the melter and working end.

According to Biagio Bifano, Technical Manager at Falorni Tech, the work has been challenging and inspiring at the same time because the customer wanted to reuse some existing equipment and because space availability in the factory limited design choices.

As an integral part of the project, a complete set of equipment was supplied such as the recuperator, batch charging and glass level control system, the combustion equipment using AQRatio technology with a maximum precision in air/gas regulation, which is manufactured in the Falorni Tech workshop in Empoli.

The AQRatio system is tailored to meet state-of-the-art engineering practices and comply with environmental legislation and regulations.

A SCADA supervision system has been tailored and integrated to enable easy and reliable operation.

A special feature is the uncommon configuration of the working end area, in which several forming processes have been merged to allow the customer to operate manual and robot gathering operations together with high speed feeder forming machines.


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