Technology breakthrough against viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces

Technology breakthrough against viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces

Having developed a special coating in just two months that neutralises viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces, Sisecam has broken new ground by applying this technology on household glassware products under production conditions.

Patent processes were initiated upon completion of laboratory tests related to the formula and application method of the antimicrobial ‘V-Block’ technology. Developed at the group’s Science, Technology and Design Centre in Istanbul, this innovation has the goal of preventing the growth and spread of viruses and bacteria on glassware that could further spread through physical contact.

"We are proud to be the world’s first glass producer to apply this technology on our glassware products” commented Professor Ahmet Kirman, Group Vice President and CEO. “Once our special technology-treated products start to be used, following completion of the necessary official permission processes, we believe that consumers will be less concerned about their health in outdoor spaces such as hotels, cafes and restaurants.

In the future, Sisecam plans to apply the technology to glass packaging, architectural glass and domestic appliance glass.

V-Block has successfully passed food contact tests and neutralises viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces. Testing and development processes are ongoing for the technology that is proved to be effective against the Coronavirus, according to preliminary findings.

Pasabahce products made using this technology preserve all their high quality characteristics such as colour, transparency and light transmission.

Thus, hygiene and maximum protection are guaranteed, without compromising consumer pleasure from using the products.


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