Vacuum double glazing innovation wins sustainable energy award

The Belgian Prize for Energy and the Environment 2019 in the Sustainable Energy category has been awarded to Fineo, the innovative vacuum double glazing from AGC Glass Europe, thanks to its remarkable insulation performance. The prize is awarded to those who, thanks to their achievement and creativity, contribute towards saving the planet.

Produced at the company's Lodelinsart plant in Belgium, Fineo has thermal insulation performance equal to that of triple glazing and even better in terms of acoustic insulation. But its thickness (less than 1cm) is a fifth to a quarter that of triple glazing units of the same dimensions, while its weight is one third lighter. The thinness of the vacuum glass additionally gives it better light transmission.

The product, which can be combined with other types of AGC multi-functional glass (solar control glass, safety glass, acoustic insulation glass etc), is intended both for new construction (residential and service sector) and for renovation projects. The latter in particular represents a large potential market in Europe.


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