Verescence, Eviosys and Grown.Bio join forces to create a sustainable gift pack

Verescence, Eviosys and Grown.Bio join forces to create a sustainable gift pack

Eviosys, Grown.Bio and Verescence have come together to innovate on a 100% recyclable and reusable cosmetic gift pack.

This collaboration is responding to a market of continued demand for customisation, as consumers look for tailored and unique products with the planet in mind.

The limited-edition gift set will include 100% infinitely recyclable and reusable glass bottles, carbon negative mushroom® packaging inserts, and a reusable 100% infinitely recyclable metal tin.

Supplying the outer metal box, Eviosys, has adapted their original product to work well with the mushroom insert and Verescence’s glass products.

Made of recycled metal it can be kept and reused for decades, it can be recycled without any loss of property.

Cosmetic gift set manufacturers often use plastic or paper inserts which are not endlessly sustainable, Grown.Bio’s mushroom packaging, made only from mycelium, an agricultural by-product also offers the opportunity to be used for other purposes, and if not, can be crumbled, mixed with soil to return back and nourish the Earth.

Verescence is introducing its new high perfumery range CARA, offering a new standard screw neck, allowing the consumer to refill the bottle at home or in-store.

Since September 2021, all standards from La Collection Verescence have been produced with 20% PCR, i.e. glass from local household waste collection.

Bérangère Raguenet from Verescence added: “Since glass is infinitely recyclable, we wanted to create an eco-responsible gift set for the promotion of our new standard range CARA in line with the expectations of luxury brands. This collaboration with Eviosys and GrownBio allowed us to promote the most sustainable packaging options for our customers, as each component of the gift set is either recyclable, reusable or compostable. We also believe it can be a source of inspiration for brands in their quest for progress in sustainability.

Image: glass, steel and mushroom combine for a sustainable gift pack


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