World’s first partial-flow exhaust air purification system installed

The Gerresheimer Group has commissioned the world’s first partial-flow exhaust air purification system at its Essen site in Germany. This will ensure that the glass manufacturer’s existing system complies with the stringent clean gas values that apply after a furnace replacement. The cost-efficient solution is based on the Ecopure CCF developed by Dürr Systems AG.

Gerresheimer operates two melting tanks in Essen. The planned modernisation of one furnace and the higher production capacity associated with this project means that the existing exhaust air purification system may no longer be able to achieve the latest clean gas values for dust and NOx. In order to efficiently and cost-effectively prepare the existing system for the future increase in output, Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth (LTB), a subsidiary of Dürr, developed an innovative concept based on the special Ecopure CCF.

The technology combines the three individual processes of exhaust air purification, enabling one system to precipitate dust, absorb sulphur and reduce nitrogen oxides from the exhaust air. This is achieved using catalytic candle filters, whose ceramic fibres can withstand temperatures of up to 900°C. The exhaust air treated in the Ecopure CCF is then returned to the existing system, where it mixes with the exhaust air purified there. The Ecopure CCF ensures that the exhaust air as a whole complies with all required clean gas values. The investment costs for partial-flow treatment are therefore half that of typical alternatives.

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