World’s largest container glass furnace lit

World’s largest container glass furnace lit

Encirc, a leading glass container manufacturer, has lit its new industrial furnace at its plant in Elton, Cheshire. The giant oven, which can process up to 900 tonnes of container glass per day, is the largest in the world according to the company.

It is expected that the major investment by Encirc’s parent company, Vidrala Group, will significantly boost its manufacturing capacity and safeguard the company’s existing 1,500 jobs as well as create new opportunities for decades to come.

The company currently produces around four billion sustainable glass containers every year.

Throughout COVID-19, Encirc’s business has remained undeterred, with Vidrala continually investing millions in clean fuel development, robotic production lines and its new furnace.

The company has been able to avoid redundancies and furloughing people despite the pandemic.

It predicts the glass bottle market will see a boom like never before, as more consumers recognise its sustainability and hygiene benefits compared with other packaging materials and pub/restaurant glasses.

 Speaking at the launch of the new furnace in Elton, Encirc MD, Adrian Curry commented: “This is a monumental day for Encirc, our parent company Vidrala, and the wider container glass sector as a whole. Today’s lighting of our 900-tonne furnace will significantly increase our capability to meet market demand as well as support our journey towards becoming the most sustainable beverage supply chain business in the world. A huge thank you to all involved in making this happen. A truly incredible feat.


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