Durable anticorrosive glass launches in the UK

Durable anticorrosive glass launches in the UK

Pilkington OptiShower, a range of anticorrosive and durable glass by the NSG Group, has launched in the UK to support designers specifying glass for use in high-moisture environments. The glass has a wide range of residential and commercial applications, such as shower cubicles or back plates against cooking surfaces in kitchens.

OptiShower’s anti-corrosion properties also make it suitable for marine applications, such as aquariums, where it provides transparency while resisting the ‘cloudiness’ which can start to show over time when a glass surface begins to deteriorate in harsh moist or humid conditions. It is also practical for maritime vessels, to help them weather harsh environments and saltwater sprays. This includes parapets and external windows in yachts and cruise ships to reduce cleaning requirements while providing uninterrupted views for passengers.

The range is coated ‘on-line’, meaning the anticorrosive coating is applied while the glass is still hot, rather than as a post-manufacture spray like many other products on the market with similar properties. This makes the product easier to process, as well as harder and more robust when in use.

Kirk Green, Regional Sales Manager at Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, part of the NSG Group, said: “Pilkington OptiShower™ has become a go-to glass for designers specifying in high-moisture areas where the glass needs to maintain its transparency, from shipbuilders to shower cabinet makers."

We’re excited to launch this product in the UK to help new customers identify applications where the glass can deliver long term durability, no matter the conditions.”


Image: Pilkington Optishower finds marine applications due to it’s corrosion resistance.


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