Industry Events

Please find below details of forthcoming exhibitions, conferences and seminars around the glassmaking world:

November 2023

people2-3 November: 38th Sisecam International Glass Conference (Istanbul, Turkey)

people6-7 November: Glasstech Canada (Toronto, Canada)

people6-9 November: 84th Conference on Glass Problems (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

people12-15 November: ICG Annual Meeting, (Hangzhou, China)

people16 November: Glass Focus Awards 2023 (Manchester, UK)

people16-17 November: ATIV Glass Days: Environmental Sustainability and Economics of Glass Production. Combination and/or Autonomy (Parma, Italy)

people27 November - 1 December: The Durán International Symposium on Sustainable Glass Processing and Applications (Playa Bonita, Panama)

people29 November-1 December: Glasstech Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)


people4-7 December: Gulf Glass 2023 (Dubai, UAE)

people5-6 December: #TOTeM 50: Decarbonising Combustion (Piacenza, Italy)

February 2024

people27 February - 1 March: Mir Stekla (Moscow, Russia)

April 2024

people25-28 April: China Glass 2024 (Shanghai, China)

May 2024

people15–16 May: Glassman Latin America (Mexico City, Mexico)

people27–29 May: 97th Annual DGG Meeting (Aachen, Germany)

June 2024

people12–15 June: Glass South America (São Paulo, Brazil)

people19-21 June: Intersolar (Munich, Germany)

August 2024

people25–28 August: ICG Annual Meeting (Incheon, South Korea)

September 2024

people30 September - 2 October: GlassBuild America 2024 (Dallas, USA)

October 2024

people22–25 October: glasstec 2024 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

November 2024

January 2025

people20–24 January: ICG International Congress (Kolkata, India)