Dutch flat glass transformation business ownership change

Saint-Gobain has sold its regional glass transformation business in the Netherlands to Munich-based AEQUITA. Glassolutions employs approximately 300 people and comprises eight distribution and four production sites, generating revenues of some €65 million in 2018. The company specialises in the processing, transformation and distribution of different glass types for the local construction sector. Processing work undertaken includes cutting, washing, tempering, and lacquering of flat glass for interior use, insulated glazing, mirrors, heated glass and facades etc.

The transaction is part of Saint-Gobain’s portfolio optimisation strategy. Divestments completed or signed by the group to date in order to enhance growth and profitability represent sales of approximately €3.3 billion. The divestment programme continues, even though the initial target of over €3 billion in sales divested by the end of the year has already been met.



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