Extra strong laminated glass unveiled

Sisecam Flat Glass introduced its latest innovation at the Eurasia Glass Fair with the slogan ‘Extra Strong, Extra Performance’. Compared to conventional materials, the security performance of Sisecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass has been improved by combining two or more panels of glass with a stronger and more durable PVB interlayer under heat and pressure.

While offering architects the opportunity to design wide glass openings with greater freedom, this product is also said to provide extra strength and safety in structural glazing requiring more safety such as facades, glass flooring, glass stairwell and glass railings.

Thanks to the product’s excellent post-breakage strength, most fragments remain stuck to the interlayer even when broken, ensuring safety and security for people and property. Sisecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass can be combined with coloured glasses for aesthetic solutions. It is also available with low-E heat insulation and solar low-E solar control coated, while providing high protection against UV radiation and helping to reduce fading.


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