First-ever Night of Glass attracts 20 prestigious speakers

First-ever Night of Glass attracts 20 prestigious speakers

The inaugural ‘Night of Glass’ is set to bring together leading players in luxury glass: bottles, flacons and vials. Organised by La Glass Vallée, a French association for businesses involved in luxury bottle-making, the event takes place from 5pm on 24 November 2022 at the Business Cloud Centre in Paris.

Creating, reinventing and innovating with a view to satisfying consumers’ expectations are daily challenges for those in the luxury glass container sector. With 2022 having been designated the International Year of Glass by the UN, La Glass Vallée wanted to mark the occasion by hosting this event open to every initiative from its members, customers and suppliers,” said Valérie Tellier, President of the association, who expressed her hopes that the night will be “an exceptional edition for building the future and discussing the new challenges of tomorrow.”

Supported by event partner CelSian, an independent glass consultancy firm for glass melting optimisation, the evening’s programme of events caters to professionals from across the luxury glass containers ecosystem, featuring an exhibition of perfume bottles and spotlighting issues tackling current topics. Four successive 20-minute round tables will be followed by Q&A opportunities and a cocktail reception.

Table 1: CSR – the decarbonisation of the glass industry

CelSian – Dr Corinne Claireaux, Glass Scientist; Academy Manager

Pochet du Courval – Benoît Marszalek, Director of Operations, glass container unit

Verescence – Frédéric Rougevin-Baville, “The furnace and glass melting”

SGD Pharma – François Deblock, Director of Glass Production

Saverglass – Frédéric Dupuis, Research and Development Director


Table 2: Innovation in La Glass Vallée (3R: recycling, reducing, re-using)

Pochet Group – Isabelle Lallemant, International Marketing & Innovation & CSR Director Verescence – Samuel Joachim, Director of Innovation and New Products Development (INPD)

Somobresle – Stéphane Franconville, President of MG Group

MMB-Volum – France Desjonqueres, Chief Executive Officer

Rev3 Mission – Frédéric Motte, President & Hauts de France Regional Councillor responsible for Economic Transformation


Table 3: Supply chain – proximity – carbon balance

MG Group – Stéphane Franconville, President

Vallaquage – Valérie Tellier, President of ValFi Group

Megaverre – Christophe Gosmant, President

Transports Mettelle – Christian Mettelle, President

Zignago Vetro Brosse – Sébastien Guche, Supply-chain and Production Manager


Table 4: How to finance and transform growth

BPI – Massimiliano Picciani, Innovation Department – Sector Manager, Ecotechnologies/Low carbon

Crédit Agricole – Arnaud Verhasselt, Director, Rouen-Dieppe business centre

Caisse d’Epargne – Bruno Bossé – Director, Business Market and Social Economy

MMB-Volum – France Desjonqueres-Samson, Chief Executive Officer

Waltersperger – Stéphanie Tourres, President



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