Glaston strategy review post-Bystronic glass acquisition

Glaston has reviewed its strategy and updated its financial targets for the strategy period 2018–2021 as a result of its recent acquisition of Bystronic glass.

The foundation of the strategy remains unchanged, as the company continues to seek growth in its core business and win in services through digitalisation. Combining the strengths of Bystronic glass and Glaston, as well as leveraging the knowhow Bystronic glass adds to the business and provides opportunities to build a strong machinery and services offering, as well as the ability to capture growth opportunities. Implementing a joint operating model will support the company to reach its strategic goals and realise full synergy potential.

The overall strategic goal remains unchanged, an ambition to be the industry’s innovative technology leader, realising its customers’ highest ambitions in glass. Glaston’s purpose is to build a better tomorrow through safer, smarter and more energy-efficient glass solutions.

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