Insulating glass lines ordered by leading Chinese glassmaker

Insulating glass lines ordered by leading Chinese glassmaker

Glaston Group has closed a deal for three insulating glass lines with one of the leading architectural glass suppliers in China, CSG Holding Ltd.

The total order, valued at close to €2.5 million, includes insulating glass manufacturing equipment from Glaston’s technology centres in Germany and China. The lines will be delivered and installed during the second quarter of 2021.

Long-term customer CSG Holding has made a name for itself as one of the country’s leading glass suppliers.

The company is expanding its operations to a new factory, with its main focus on high end architectural and energy saving glass products. For production of the planned yearly capacity of 2.5 million square metres insulating glass and 3.5 million square metres of coated glass, it was decided to buy the insulating glass equipment from Glaston.

For production of the insulating glass, CSG ordered two COMFORT lines and one COMPACT line, as well as other equipment related to high quality insulating glass manufacture.

The Glaston COMFORT and COMPACT lines provide high quality insulating glass unit manufacturing with an excellent cost/performance ratio. In addition, the COMFORT IG line comes with an automated gas filling system.

The deal also includes three sets of SPEED’SEALER. With its dynamic mixing system the automatic sealing robot, SPEED’SEALER is currently one of Glaston’s best selling insulating glass products.


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