LYVA Labs Hosts Net Zero Discussions At Glass Futures.

LYVA Labs Hosts Net Zero Discussions At Glass Futures.

Two of Liverpool City Region’s innovation leaders, LYVA Labs, and Glass Futures combined their knowledge, networks, and facilities, to connect businesses, academics and funders, from the local advanced manufacturing sector. The Innovation in Net Zero Event, run as part of Innovate UK’s Advanced Manufacturing Launchpad programme, stimulated discussion about how and where the sector can support the city’s ambition to become net zero by 2040, 10 years ahead of the UK target.

Speakers at the event included: Peter Liggett, Senior R&D Project Manager at St Helens-based Glass Futures, who talked about their world-leading R&D testing and trials facility, driving decarbonisation in glass production; Rory Back, R&D Incubator Technical Manager at St Helens-based NSG Group, who explained how the company produces low-carbon glass and develops glass products to enable net-zero buildings and transport; and Patrick Fenner, Director, and Head of Engineering at DefProc, who discussed an award-winning net-zero partnership with Northern Gas Networks.

Mr Liggett said: “This event was the perfect opportunity for us to support LYVA Labs in its quest to bring key innovators, entrepreneurs, and funders together to discuss decarbonisation. Attendees took a tour of our facilities, which will be the world’s first test and trial furnace for industry and government-backed R&D projects, giving them first-hand insight into how St Helens is helping to drive decarbonisation across the region.

The next event takes place in early 2024.


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