NSG Group drives business development

NSG Group has outlined an initiative by its Business Innovation Center (BIC) to drive business development and announced the launch of the mobile real-time PCR device.

Established in July 2018 to lead business development, BIC is focused on commercialising NSG’s promising glass technologies in new glass business areas, including life science (safety of water and food, environment and academia), IoT, Cloud (5G, sensors, filters), energy conversion (functional material) and Industry 4.0 (digital manufacturing).

BIC’s first product launch is PicoGene PCR1100, a PCR device that enables DNA tests such as the analysis of gene expression, single nucleotide polymorphism, genetic modification and the detection of bacteria and virus in a mobile setting. PCR devices test DNAs by repeatedly cooling and heating polymerase, a DNA enzyme, to accelerate the synthesis of the targeted DNA

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