Verallia launches initial public offering

Verallia launched its initial public offering on the regulated market of Euronext Paris (Compartment A) this week. The objective of this initiative is to enable the company to increase its visibility among customers and partners, while also providing greater flexibility to seize future growth opportunities. Europe’s leading producer of glass packaging for beverages and food, Verallia is also Latin America’s second largest producer.

Shares are available as part of a global offering, comprising a public offering in France (OPO) and an international private placement, aimed primarily at institutional investors. The OPO began on 23 September and is expected to close on 2 October. The international offering also started last Monday and is expected to close on 3 October. Trading of Verallia shares is expected to commence on 8 October.

“The launch of the initial public offering marks an important milestone for Verallia” commented Michel Giannuzzi, President-CEO. “This operation comes amid a process of continuous improvement of our industrial and commercial performance, which we have accelerated over the past two years and which is beginning to bear fruit. As a committed player in the circular economy, our group benefits from favourable market perspectives at a time when glass is increasingly recognised as a responsible packaging choice. In addition, our position in buoyant and high end markets and geographies enables us to offer a unique value creation opportunity.”


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