Verallia Presents the Bordelesa Air 300G

The 300g Bordelesia Air 300G from Verallia.

With a remarkable weight of only 300g, this pioneering innovation reflects Verallia's commitment to its purpose of "Re-imagine glass for a sustainable future." This has been achieved by maintaining its highly identifiable aesthetic, which is a hallmark of the Air 300G Bordelesa.

Corinne Payen, Director of I+D, explains: "This project has assumed an important role. We are pioneers in the use of modelling tools to anticipate the mechanical resistance of the bottle. These tools also allow optimizing the precise distribution of glass, taking into account the design of the Mold in Blank and the parameters of conformation. But the innovation does not end there. Another crucial phase of this challenging journey consists in dominating the industrial process, incorporating strict controls to guarantee the quality of the glass during each phase de la production".

The continuous reduction of the weight of the bottles is an important strategic strategy for wine growers, who are striving to fulfil their commitments to reduce CO2 emissions.

The 300g Bordelesia Air 300G from Verallia.

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