Testimonials from Industry Leaders

  • Ed Snyder

    Ed Snyder - Senior Vice President of integrated supply chain at O-I

    "Glass Worldwide is one of the most comprehensive publications for the
 glass manufacturing industry.  I know I can count on it for all the relevant news and trends."

  • Andrey Bokov

    Andrey Bokov - President of the Union of Architects of Russia

    “Glass Worldwide - the absolute leader in providing the most actual information about glass production and processing. Being the constant and reliable partner of the Union of Architects of Russia, Glass Worldwide supports and provides real help in the organisation of the international exhibitions World of Glass (Mir Stekla), actively influencing design and construction practice in Russia and all over the world.”

  • Gorka Schmitt

    Gorka Schmitt - CEO of VIDRALA, S.A.

    “In my role as CEO, I do not have time anymore to read all glass journals, so I focus on Glass Worldwide as it very useful for sure and it helps to inform and promote the glass industry for the future.”

  • Alan McLenaghan

    Alan McLenaghan - Vice President of Manufacturing at SAGE Glass* & formerly Senior Vice President of Technology at Verallia & Vice President of Manufacturing at Saint Gobain's global flat glass operations

    “The content, high standard and global coverage of flat and hollow glass makes Glass Worldwide stand out in comparison to other journals serving the industry.”

    *SAGE Glass is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain.

  • Renato Y Cabrera

    Renato Y Cabrera - Jr. President of Glass Manufacturers Association of Philippines, outgoing President of AFGM as well as Vice President of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation

    "I enjoy reading Glass Worldwide as its articles on the latest glass technologies, news, country focuses and opinions provide a wide range of information that is interesting and quite helpful in the business of glass."

  • Francesco Sangalli

    Francesco Sangalli - CEO of Sangalli Group

    “Glass Worldwide is the only magazine that links all the glass aspects in all glass sectors giving us a complete panorama of the glass industry in the world.”

  • Kazuhiko Ishimura

    Kazuhiko Ishimura - CEO & President of AGC Group

    “AGC Group operates glass business globally in Japan/Asia, Europe and North America, and is about to enter into a new market, Brazil. It is very meaningful for us to be able to share our global business activities through Glass Worldwide.”

  • Alessandro Bandini

    Alessandro Bandini - A.T.I.V. President

    “Glass Worldwide represents the global opportunity for all the glass world where you can find news and information about companies, conferences, trade fairs, and technical and innovative solutions for glass industries. All the glass world inside a journal....what else do we need?”

  • Juan R. Silva Garcia

    Juan R. Silva Garcia - CEO, Fevisa

    “Glass Worldwide provides timely coverage of glass industry news and developments. Its interesting reading for me in order to learn of market challenges, diversity of global visions and about the generation of technological opportunities – all enclosed in one well-structured magazine.”

  • Houchan ShoeibiHouchan Shoeibi - CEO of Saint-Gobain Glass (the flat glass division of Saint-Gobain) & Chairman of Glass for Europe

    “Glass Worldwide is all about glass: people, products, technologies, solutions. It is THE reference magazine of the glass industry.”

  • Surasak Decharin

    Surasak Decharin - President of Bangkok Glass Industry

    “Glass Worldwide is extremely interesting to BGI’s plant managers and technicians. By the time I see a copy, it has already been circulated thoroughly throughout our plants!”

  • Günter Lubitz

    Günter Lubitz - Chairman of IPGR & Head of Technology & Production for the Vetropack Group

    “It is the most important magazine with worldwide coverage for the glass industry, its suppliers and glass associations. Glass Worldwide offers a forum for interested readers to exchange news and views and we are pleased to be associated with the publication.”

  • Johannes Schick

    Johannes Schick - CEO Stölzle Glass Group

    “I consider Glass Worldwide to be one of the best magazines on a worldwide scale to provide utmost profound information for almost all aspects of glass production and processing technologies.”

  • Niall Wall

    Niall Wall - Chief Executive Officer of Ardagh Group & past President of FEVE

    “Glass Worldwide provides a useful insight into all aspects of glass manufacturing and is an important international reference point for our industry.”

  • Adeline Farrelly

    Adeline Farrelly - Secretary General of FEVE

    “FEVE is delighted to have Glass Worldwide as our media partner. The magazine is FEVE’s preferred journal and is a great way to keep in touch with what is happening in the industry.”

  • Bertrand Cazes

    Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe (members include AGC Glass Europe, NSG-Group, Saint-Gobain Glass & Sisecam-Trakya Cam in association with Guardian)

    “This is more than media partnership. Working with Glass Worldwide is about creating networks, exchanging valuable information, building bridges and, ultimately, making our glass industries stronger. This is why, today, Glass for Europe is proud to engage in an in-depth collaboration with Glass Worldwide!.”

  • Scott Thomsen

    Scott Thomsen - President of Guardian Global Glass Group

    “There are regional magazines that do a good job - and then there is Glass Worldwide magazine, which lives up to its name. Global players like its reach and breadth.”

  • Mukul Somany

    Mukul Somany - Vice Chairman/Managing Director of Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd & past President of AIGMF.

    “The All India Glass Manufacturers' Federation is happy to be associated with Glass Worldwide as, preferred international journal of AIGMF, in association with KANCH. I am sure this association will continue to the mutual advantage of the AIGMF and Glass Worldwide.”

  • Udo Ungeheuer

    Prof. Udo Ungeheuer - Outgoing Chairman of the Board of Management of Schott AG, President of BV Glas and glasstec 2012.

    "Its internationality, wide range of topics and first-class articles make glass worldwide an indispensable source of information for decision-makers in the glass industry."

  • Henry Susanto - Chairman of the ASEAN Federation of Glass Manufacturers (AFGM) and Chief of Production at PT The First National Glassware Ltd.

    "We believe we can work together with Glass Worldwide in the future for a long time...Glass Worldwide is a good magazine and I like to read it."

  • George Heller

    George Heller - Vice President - Engineering & Asset Reliability at Verallia (Saint-Gobain Containers).

    "Glass Worldwide magazine is not only an excellent source of information pertaining to the glass industry from a business and technological standpoint, but also a very good resource for finding material and equipment suppliers as well as service providers.  I would highly recommend these types of companies continue to advertise in Glass Worldwide magazine."

  • Ed Snyder Ed Snyder
  • Andrey Bokov Andrey Bokov
  • Gorka Schmitt Gorka Schmitt
  • Alan McLenaghan Alan McLenaghan
  • Renato Y Cabrera Renato Y Cabrera
  • Francesco Sangalli Francesco Sangalli
  • Kazuhiko Ishimura Kazuhiko Ishimura
  • Alessandro Bandini Alessandro Bandini
  • Juan R. Silva Garcia Juan R. Silva Garcia
  • Houchan Shoeibi Houchan Shoeibi
  • Surasak Decharin Surasak Decharin
  • Günter Lubitz Günter Lubitz
  • Johannes Schick Johannes Schick
  • Niall Wall Niall Wall
  • Adeline Farrelly Adeline Farrelly
  • Bertrand Cazes Bertrand Cazes
  • Scott Thomsen Scott Thomsen
  • Mukul Somany Mukul Somany
  • Udo Ungeheuer Udo Ungeheuer

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